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Mauritius has flourished to be one of the most progressive economies in Africa after years of underdevelopment. The island nation in the Indian Ocean has a gross domestic product (GDP) per capita of $15,591 as of 2012. The Mauritian economy is fuelled by tourism, textiles, sugar production and financial services. It has one of the world’s largest Exclusive Economic Zones, making it a top destination for foreign investors and workers.

The nation of 1.3 million people posted an unemployment rate of 8% in 2013. The labour force was estimated at 525,700 last year, a 14,000 increase from 2012. The youth unemployment is raising concerns as 40% of all jobless Mauritians are aged 25 years and below. About 36% of all people out of work are looking for a first job.

Despite the relatively high jobless rate, Mauritius recently topped the Index of Economic Freedom in the investment freedom category and ranked 8th among the most free economies in the world. Mauritius ranked first among African nations in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business survey. In recent years, local and foreign investors infused massive capital into information and communication technology, hospitality, renewable energy and property development.

The major employers in the country, aside from the public sector, include telecom company Emtel, Mauritius Telecom, Essar Energy, Phoenix Beverages and the Harel Mallac Group. A number of top multinational companies also have presence across Mauritius. These firms include Barclays, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, IBM, HP, Hilton Resort, Ford and Chevrolet. Currently, Mauritius-based employers are in immediate need for the following:

• Sales representatives

• Business development managers

• Economists

• Financial analysts

• Drilling engineers

• Highway engineers

• Quantity surveyors

• Logistics staff

• Hospitality staff

• Healthcare assistants

Expats considering a career in Mauritius are required to secure a valid work permit. Foreigners married to Mauritians are exempted from this requirement. Employers wishing to hire foreigner workers in bulk must request for permission from the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment. Once the request is granted, the recruiting company may submit the documents enumerated in the Ministry’s website. Workers from Bangladesh and China are asked for additional requirements.

Expats must travel to Mauritius within 6 months from the date of issue; otherwise the work permit will be cancelled.

The following professions require additional documents for work permit applications:

• Football, basketball, volleyball, handball players

• Lecturers and university professors

• Jockeys

• Hotel and restaurant staff

• Freeport staff

• Business process outsourcing staff

• Construction workers

• Fishing workers

• Bakery workers



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