Health Insurance in Mexico

For every 100,000 residents in Mexico, there are approximately 17 cases of confirmed tuberculosis, a number lower than most other countries around the world. Still, it would not be wise to take this for granted, health insurance in Mexico is still a major consideration an expat should make when relocating.Choosing the right Health Insurance in Mexico is one of the important decisions you will have to make. There is no question about the need for a good Health Insurance in Mexico and sometimes, with many providers offering different coverage, it can get tricky once comes the time to choose. However, with the right selection, guide or advice, choosing your Health Insurance in Mexico can be much easier.

Cigna Global’s medical insurance packages – Gold, Silver and Platinum programs – are designed to meet the various medical needs and budget requirements of expats in Mexico. Wherever your are, or whatever your occupation is, there is an appropriate cover to provide you security and peace of mind.

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Aetna International Health Insurance provides benefits perfect for anyone living abroad, whether you’d be relocating with your family, or on your own. Consult an Aetna expert now to plan your stay abroad and learn more about their services such as:

- Annual maximum coverage to $2 million

- International Style Coverage

- Additional excess and coinsurance add-ons

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AXA PPP International Healthcare has years of experience in the international health insurance industry, and through this period, AXA PPP has provided nothing short of excellent service. AXA has a variety of comprehensive plans that give you speedy access to medical care and treatment available 24/7 no matter where you are.

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Clements Worldwide is one of the top insurance companies in Mexico. It has been in the service for 65 sterling years. Clements provides portable term life insurance packages that can cover the expats in Mexico or in another country. The benefits may be up to as high as 10 times the annual salary of the expat, depending on the circumstances, up to USD 4 million.

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