Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Monaco

For frequent tourists to Monaco, multi trip travel insurance is the ideal choice as it gives the convenience of a single policy to cover one’s trips. The multi trip travel insurance is also more cost-effective for frequent travellers compared to buying a single trip travel insurance policy for every visit to Monaco.


Expats in Monaco or any other part of the world have a lot of benefits to enjoy with International Medical Group's multi-trip travel insurance policies. IMG, for over two decades now, has been devoted to its growing clientele in the exact ways that matter during overseas travel. Given its multilingual customer representatives, this objective is not hard to attain.

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As there are unique intricacies that characterize expat life, only unique types of insurance coverage will be suitable. To provide such type of coverage, an entire array of global and expat insurance products are offered by premiere insurance company, MultiNational Underwriters to expats in Monaco. Those who are looking for total security will find it just one sweep through multi-trip Atlas Professional plans.

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