Single Trip Travel Insurance in Monaco

It is highly advisable for foreigners visiting Monaco on a one-time basis to avail of a single trip travel insurance to make sure that their vacation will be a safe one. If a traveller goes on a holiday in Monaco uncovered by travel insurance, the cost of medical care can be quite expensive.


Many expats in Monaco travel with an International Medical Group (IMG) insurance plan. IMG’s Patriot Travel Medical Insurance provides medical coverage for individuals and their dependents at affordable rates. This plan includes various benefits such as trip cancellation and travel delay, as well as prescription drug discounts. Contact IMG today for a free quote!

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Atlas Travel Insurance, of HCC Medical Insurance Services, provides short-term medical coverage. This top-notch product is preferred by expats in Monaco and other key destinations. Atlas Travel may be customised to address the unique needs of various travellers. It covers essential hospital treatments and hospitalisation. For a free quote, call an HCC specialist today.

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