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People relocating to Croatia will find the country’s climate pleasing, especially those who enjoy a touch of the Mediterranean vibe. With an emerging and developing economy, those moving to Croatia will be welcomed with an excellent opportunity to start a great new life abroad. Most of the immigrants in Croatia come from Serbia.

If you dream of walking along the Mediterranean coastline to watch the beautiful European sunset, then Croatia's 1778 kilometers of sandy beaches should be enough to lure you to your next home. And if you're not into sunny landscapes, then soak in the warm embrace of Croatia's thermal spas, or go on a little adventure in its pristine forests.

But more than the inviting, postcard-worthy sights, Croatia offers expats the chance for a relaxed lifestyle in a developing economy. Now, that's a perfect combination for any expat who wants to start anew!

"The paperwork in Croatia is a nightmare. No clear rules, no reliable information online and clerks will each interpret things how they want, so no two experiences for anyone are the same."- Sarah-Jane, Expat in Zadar, Croatia

Geography and Demographics

A country located in central and southeastern Europe, Croatia is a land of diverse terrains. Green plains and hills cover most of Central Croatia while mountains are covered with dense woodlands in Lika and Gorski Kotar. Towns near the Adriatic border showcase rocky coastlines. Due to the country's varied topography, the climate tends to differ in its various regions. The north and eastern regions are continental, while the coastlines go from Mediterranean to semi-highland as it goes further near the south-central parts. In the islands of Istra and Palagruza, the climate leans more on sub-tropical.

As of July 2009, Croatia has 4,489,409 inhabitants. The country is mostly populated by Croats (89.6%) while Serbs make up about 4.5%. A spattering of Romanis, Bosniaks, Hungarians, Italians, Czechs, and Germans comprise about 5.9% percent of the population. Croatia has about 1.59 migrants per 1000 people.

88% of the Croatian population are Catholics while 4.4 % are Orthodox, and 1.3% are Muslim. Interestingly, 5.2% declare no religious affiliation. 


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