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There are an increasing number of foreign nationals planning on moving to Cyprus, adding to the country’s expanding expat population which is now estimated at 562,012. There are two main ethnic groups in the country – Turkish and Greek - but a large number of European expats have been establishing a strong presence in the country over the recent years. Add yourself to the mix after comparing the services and quotes from top international moving companies with ExpatFinder.

Cyprus is the third largest and third most populated island in all of the Mediterranean and is located south of Turkey, north of Egypt and east of Greece.

Known formally as the Republic of Cyprus, the island has a rich history of the earliest human activity dating back to the 10thmillennium BC. Cyprus holds some archaeological sites, as it was occupied by several civilizations and empires, notably the Assyrians, Egyptians and the Persians. This multicultural influence can still be seen today, as the island features a number of ruins, palaces and forts from various nations which make Cyprus a UNESCO World Heritage area. Today, Cyprus holds a population of about 1,117,000 people and is world-renowned by tourists and expatriates alike for its splendid beaches; high human development index and warm weather.

To relocate to Cyprus, expats will need to obtain a long-term residence permit to stay for an extended period. When applying for a permit, only certain expats who fall into specific categories can acquire an immigration permit. Categories where expats can qualify for a permit fall under the intention to be self-employed, have been offered permanent employment within Cyprus or have enough money to stay in Cyprus without needing to work. It is important for expats to note that the success of their applications depends on the Immigration Control Committee of Cyprus. Tourist visas are also offered and are issues by Cyprus embassies and consulates. While passports are required to enter the country irrespective of the type of visa, EU citizens and those from Norway, Switzerland and Iceland are excluded from this rule.

Although English was the official language of Cyprus during British rule, Greek and Turkish are the two main official languages within Cyprus. Other minority languages spoken in Cyprus include Armenian and Cypriot Maronite Arabic. English-speaking expats will be glad to hear that English is still widely spoken, with many road signs and advertisements being featured in English. About 80.4% of the local population can speak English as a second language, with 12% of the population being able to converse in French, and 5% of the population being able to speak German.

Presently, Greek Cypriots compose about 77% of the population, with Turkish Cypriots making up 18% and Russian Cypriots making up 5% of the Cypriot population. Major religions in Cyprus include Greek Orthodox, which is followed by Greek Cypriots while most Turkish Cypriots follow Sunni Islam. Other religions include 1.5% Roman Catholics, 1.0% of the Church of England and 0.6% Muslims.

There is a lot that Cyprus has to offer expatriates, as the warm climate and rich historical and cultural diversity make the city a wondrous place to move to.


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