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Moving to Honduras should be an exciting experience and not a disastrous one with the assistance of professional moving companies. A Spanish country that is home to various indigenous cultures like the Maya, Honduras takes pride in its unspoiled beauty – with lush forests and misty green mountains that is sure to dazzle newcomers.

Considered to be a part of Latin America in origin and a multi-ethnic diversity in nature, Honduras has a rich cultural expression.

Its people are fond of celebrating national events and holidays in the form of parades, carnivals, and fairs. Being a predominant Catholic country, they give special preparation in celebrating religious holidays such as Holy Week, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.  

Culture in Honduras is mostly expressed by events that welcome big crowds like the "Carnival of Friendship," which is a weeklong celebration. Visitors and tourists across the globe tend to linger or overstay in Honduras to witness the next celebration that will bring more beauty and excitement.  

The country is formerly known as Spanish Honduras; the Republic is situated in Central America and bordered to the west by Guatemala, to the southwest by El Salvador, to the southeast by Nicaragua, to the south by the Pacific Ocean on the Gulf of Fonseca and to the north by the Gulf of Honduras.  

The nation has an estimated population of eight million and a land size of over 112,000 square kilometers; Tegucigalpa is the largest and capital city.  

The most predominant language used in the country is Spanish. While English is considered their second language, Amerindian and Garifuna languages are still used by the indigenous groups. 

A firm handshake is the primary greeting of the Hondurans who also make the same gesture when parting. Among friends, a warm handshake or a light kiss on the cheek is usually practiced. Hondurans greet strangers they meet on the street, proof of the genuinely friendliness and warmth. If anything, this only works for the favor of expatriates who often have an easier time adjusting to their new neighbors and friends. Indeed, this helps them cope with the rigors of settling in a new country. 

As a biodiversities hotspot with the presence of numerous plant and animal species, Honduras is all the more attractive to those seeking a new home in this part of Central America. It has rain forests, mountain ranges, and its barrier reef system. The Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO world-heritage site, is a constant destination for ecotourists. This is also home to the indigenous people and some migrant inhabitants. The reserve contains the Mayan ruins that include stones from building and roads, rock carvings and other remains of what they once considered as the mythical city, the Ciudad Blanca.  

Unlike most countries, expats in Honduras typically enjoy the same rights of ownership as any Honduran citizen, thus, making it simple for them to obtain residency status and move for good. This makes the country very attractive to foreigners, not to mention its comparably low taxes and moderate property ownership laws. 

Honduras is considered to be one of the top tourist and expat destinations in the world. With the government's many strategies in place, this stunning environmental attraction in Central America will surely live long enough for the enjoyment of future generations. 



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