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Expats are more and more attracted by the prospect of moving to up-and-coming Malaysia; indeed, the country has become an international tourism and commercial activity hub. Moving to Malaysia is sure to be an adventure; don’t let your stride stall by not comparing moving companies early.

Malaysia lies just north of the equator and boasts tropical islands that are home to some of the world's most fascinating beaches.

With a land area of 329,834-square kilometers, Malaysia is a Southeast Asian nation with two major geographical divisions, the Peninsular Malaysia, which spreads from the Thai border to Singapore, and East Malaysia, which runs alongside Southern Indonesia's Kalimantan State. It is a unification of thirteen states and three Federal Territories where Kuala Lumpur is the capital city, and Putrajaya is the seat of government. 

Its wildlife is as exotic as it is varied, including giant snakes, geckos, skinks and endangered species such as the Black shrew, Sumatran Rhinoceros, Malayan tapir, the clouded leopard and Malaysian tiger, the sun bear, the monitor lizard, and the orangutan. Its landscape of thick jungles, towering peaks, and profuse rainforests is a source of pride for most residents and a delight for tourists and expats. 


Diversity perfectly summarizes the nation's peoples who are composed mainly of Malays (50%), Chinese (25%) and Indians (25%). In the hinterlands, indigenous ethnic groups manage to preserve their unique heritage and culture. Islam remains the dominant religion and advocates the strict adherence to its customs and beliefs, especially during Ramadan. However, freedom of religion remains well protected by the Malaysian law. The diverse population is enjoying this freedom, with the Chinese being mainly Buddhist, Taoist or Confucian. On the other hand, Indians are mostly Hindus or Sikhs with a sprinkling of Christianity being practiced across the Chinese, Indian and Eurasian communities. 

The official language in Malaysia is Baha Malaysia, which is of Austronesian descent, and mainly used by Malay settlers in the Malay Peninsula, southern Thailand, Philippines, and Singapore. Use of the language is required in all federal and state offices while English remains for judicial or legal communications. Due to their peoples' diversity, different dialects and regional ethnic languages have sprung up and continue to be used across all regions in the country. Expats working in Malaysian companies, however, need not worry as measures are normally taken by employers to bridge the language gap. Besides, due to the high number of expats, most employees communicate in English.  

With its rich wealth of natural resources, cultural heritage, and bright economic prospects, Malaysia has become a favorite among tourists and expats seeking a quiet yet progressive life in the Southeast Asian frontier.



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