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New Zealand has everything to attract expatriates: immigration conditions favoring skilled exchange of workers, stunning landscapes, a low crime rate and a good state provided healthcare system. Moving to New Zealand can even be easier with the help of good moving companies to assist every step of the way.

New Zealand is a 268,670-square kilometer congregation of Oceanic islands that lie to the southeast of Australia. Its main landmasses include the Te Ika a Maui or North Island and Pounamu or South Island. New Zealand also comprises several outlying islands, including Chatham Islands, Kermadec Islands, and Auckland Islands. The country's capital is Wellington, which is located at the southern tip of the North Island.

"New Zealand has excellent healthcare."- Rhonda Albom, Expat in New Zealand

Its climate is mainly temperate, with average temperatures ranging from 8 - 16° C in the north where subtropical conditions also exist. As the country lies in the Southern Hemisphere, the warmest months of the year are January and February, with July, seeing the coldest temperatures. Its landscape is truly breathtaking, from the volcanic north to the mountain-laden south where the country's highest point, the Southern Alps, towers at 3754 meters, along with 18 other peaks and even more peaks divided by steep fjords.

Tourists stop in awe at the country's larger-than-life attractions from the Waitakere Ranges of Auckland to the Abel Tasman National Park and other dramatic views. Meanwhile, expats are often busy finding their place in the country's 4.4 million strong population composed mainly of European migrants, the indigenous Maori as the largest minority and Asians and non-Maori Polynesians.

"New Zealanders are really nice. They’re unpretentious. Laidback. On the flip side, there is a culture of bullying and anti-intellectualism, and strangers treat me with an air of “don’t you dare look down on us, you bloody pom”."- Abigail Simpson, Expat in New Zealand

In general, New Zealanders are famous for being energetic and positive and often conduct themselves casually unless the situation calls for more formal demeanor. Expats appreciate their remarkable hospitality and instinctive kindness at the most unexpected of times, even to strangers who might need their help.

Everywhere in the archipelago, English remains the main language for business and personal communication. One thing unique about New Zealand English speakers is their penchant for shortening words to end them in vowel sounds or simply omitting certain syllables. For example, "football" becomes "footy" or "watch out under" becomes "chunder." If you've just arrived in New Zealand, follow suit with some expats who have taken it upon themselves to learn the New Zealand slang through special dictionaries.

Different countries attract expats for different reasons. In New Zealand, it can be as simple as a life well balanced in terms of economic, social and personal prosperity. There are many countries with stronger economies, but expats know what they want and are happy to find it in this humble yet prided nation in the Pacific.


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