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When relocating to another country, one thing an expat should always keep in mind is the pros and cons of moving. When moving to Qatar, here are the surprises that you should prepare yourself for.

Accommodations are the first in the list when it comes to migrating, and expats will find that properties in Qatar to be quite attractive, spacious and deplorable. Although, renting an apartment is expensive, there are various options to resort to. If you are willing to share the space, one bedroom in a flatshare can be cheaper at QR 20,002,200 (USD 1,500) per month, and this price has an attached bathroom to add to its feature; However, for those moving with their families, a three-bedroom, furnished apartment costs QR 800,010,000 (USD 9,500) and a two-bedroom is QR 500,017,000 (USD 8,000) per month.

For most people, moving to Qatar is an opportunity to get a job on a senior level, and this means better pay and no taxation. The employment rate in Qatar reached 87% (2015), and major industries that have contributed to this percentage are those involved in Crude Oil Production and Refining, Ammonia, Fertilizers, Petrochemicals, Steel Reinforcing Bars, Cement, Commercial Ship Repair. A non-Qatari need to have a sponsor before he can work in the country; Also, when applying for work residence permit, an employment contract, and a job offer is necessary for processing in the immigration. Once all requirements are met, an expat can enjoy an average salary of 17,144 QAR.

"I absolutely love the locals. They are very humble and down to earth considering, I do live in the richest country in the world. I was once admiring a Ferrari in front of a hotel, and the guy driving offered me to drive it. That is how amazing these people are."- Sumaica Asad, Expat in Doha, Qatar

With that amount of salary, saving some Qatari Riyal, the national currency, can be made easier if you have banks and financial advice from these financial establishments in Qatar. As they are the most common banks in the country, you can rely on them when it comes to opening an account:

  1. Bank Saderat Iran
  2. Al Ahli Bank of Qatar
  3. Mashreq Bank Qatar
  4. HSBC Qatar
  5. Central Bank Qatar

You just have to present the requirements then it will be settled immediately. These are the most common requirements that will be asked when you apply for banking account, whether it is current or checking, debit or credit:

  1. Passport, plus copies of information and visa pages
  2. Residency/work permit and copies
  3. A 'no objection' letter from the expat's Qatari employer, stating their monthly salary (a helpful tip: it's often easier to open an account with the same bank as the employer)
  4. Some banks require two passport photos

Relocating to Qatar is not just all about work, work, and more work; sometimes you need to have fun, relax and enjoy your new life. As Qatar is one of the major exporters of petroleum products in the world, it would be better to own a car because of the affordability of gas and other petroleum products at 0.90 to 1 QAR. Though, if you prefer to use the public transport, the average monthly ticket expenditure is 185 QAR while a trip to the inner city can cost anywhere around 10 QAR per ticket. When it comes to food, a big Mac requires 20 to 25 QAR, a daily menu in the business sector is 185 QAR, and a luxurious dinner in an Italian restaurant with wine and dessert can add up to 489 QAR. For entertainment, two movie tickets cost 70 QAR, and two theater tickets are at 322 QAR. For those who are fun of going to the gym, an average of 427 QAR can be spent on a monthly membership in a gym in the business sector.

Moving to Qatar is the start of change, so by knowing what to expect, you can be prepared when problems arise.



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