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Romania is known worldwide because of its historical region, Transylvania, which served as an inspiration for the setting of Bram Stoker’s critically-acclaimed novel, Dracula. But apart from its association with vampires, Romania is home to a number of majestic castles and prominent natural landscapes. People moving to Romania for employment purposes are required to obtain a working visa from the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, together with the copy of a work contract from their Romanian employer.

Romania is the largest state of the Balkan Peninsula and is home to most of Europe's second largest river delta, The Danube.

Framed by Hungary and Serbia in the West, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova in the northeast and Bulgaria towards the south, Romania has survived a history of outside rule, from the Dacians to the Kingdom of Hungary and to the empires of Rome, Bulgaria and the Ottoman. Today, Romania is a global flagship of democracy and development.  

Romania is a southeastern European country whose climate is influenced heavily by Europe's largest mountain range, the Carpathian Arch, which encloses a significant part of the country. The range serves to block air coming from the Atlantic; hence, the climate is mostly temperate with some chilly and cloudy winters as well as warm and sunny summers with random doses of rain. Its soil is a powerhouse of natural resources, including coal, antimony, mercury, limestone and the highly nuclear uranium, while its wildlife is made up of 3,700 plant species and 33,972 animal species, including the world's largest population of brown bears, wolves, and lynxes. Wildlife fanatics can explore the country's exciting woods for days without feeling bored.

Romania's most fascinating assets, however, are its locals who never fail to charm expats with their warm, upbeat and friendly attitude. Romanians are usually fond of those who take an interest in their country, and they surely know how to make foreigners feel at home. It should not come as a surprise when an expat receives an invitation into a native family's home, especially if you settle in the villages where people are like one big family. Another famous trait of Romanians is their practicality and frankness. They do not take to false niceties very well and would rather be transparent than fake. They are also known to be devoted to their traditional practices, although modern communities have not exactly escaped Westernization. 

There are currently 18 religions recognized by the government but most Romanians, at least 86.8% of them, belong to the Romanian Orthodox Church. Due to the country's communist history, Roman Catholicism had been rather suppressed; it was only in 1948 that it was officially recognized. Protestantism also exists in this country with denominations such as the Unitarian Church, Seventh-Day Adventists, Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession, Pentecostals, Baptists, Methodists, the Reformed Church of Romania and the Presbyterians. 

The official language is Romanian and is used by close to 90% of the people of Romania. Locals who live along the border with Hungary naturally speak Hungarian, while tiny communities speak German. 

Romania has at least 25 superbly preserved architectural jewels recognized as UNESCO Heritage Sites and are perfect for educating expats about the colored past of a country that was the last conquered territory of the Roman Empire.  

Today, Romania is an independent state and Europe's 9th largest land housing the 7th largest population in the European Union. Its entry into the NATO paved the way for the country's unstoppable conquests of its own. Now, Romania is a semi-presidential unitary state of the upper-middle-income bracket by EU standards. However, its speeding growth rates and development has earned it the distinction of being Europe's one and only Tiger economy.



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