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San Marino is one of the most affluent nations in the world when it comes to GDP. In 2013, the country had a GDP per capita of $57,500 – ranking 11th out of 192 countries all over the world. It also has a high Human Development Index, so expats moving to San Marino will find a real life waiting for them. The cost of living in San Marino is very high, which is mostly attributed to the country’s wealth and the people’s ability to pay for goods and services.

San Marino is a tiny parliamentary republic with around 32 thousand inhabitants, on a mountain surrounded by Italy. 

San Marino has a claim to be the world's oldest democracy (non-monarchy), as well as the Christian country in the world, as it is believed to have been founded by Christian refugees led by Saint Marinus in the year 301, even before Armenia, Aksum and Rome had become officially Christian. San Marino can also claim to have the world's oldest constitution that is still in effect, dating to the year 1600. The official language of San Marino is the Italian language, and the predominant faith is the Roman Catholic Church. It is not officially a member of the European Union. However, it has now adopted the euro as its national currency. The major industries in the San Marino economy include ceramics, electronics, and banking, and wine and cheese are also produced in San Marino. San Marino is too small to have an airport, although there is a place for helicopter landings. There is also one University in San Marino, called the Unversity of the Republic of San Marino. The favorite sports in San Marino are soccer football, basketball, and volleyball. The culture of San Marino is similar to Italian, but San Marino is known for a sort of layered chocolate cake, Torta Tre Monte. Other San Marino dishes include flatbread with beef, bean and bacon soup, chickpea and noodle soup, and roasted rabbit.

San Marino has a small ceremonial military force that parades through the streets in full uniform every day. One of the formal units is even armed with the crossbow as a weapon. The official national anthem, which is only instrumental but has no lyrics, is often played. It was written by the San Marino violinist, Federico Consolo. However, there are unofficial patriotic songs that can be sung. It is just called the "National Anthem" and was adopted by San Marino in the year 1894. There has not been an execution in San Marino since the year 1468. San Marino's music is mainly in the classical tradition, but it has lately taken part in the Eurovision contests. 

Because of its remoteness in the Italian mountains, San Marino has managed to cling to its independence most of the time, though it has been briefly militarily occupied only three times in its history. In 1503, papal troops, led by an illegitimate son of the Pope at the time, occupied San Marino, and papal troops occupied it again in 1739. The third time was in 1944 after the Allies defeated retreating German forces in the Battle of San Marino.



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