Local property market in Amsterdam



In the bigger cities, property demand often exceeds supply, so prices are usually very high. Be aware of the different costs involved in buying a property such as valuation, pre-sale agreement, transfer contract, mortgage contract, mortgage arranging cost, transfer tax, property tax, and estate agent’s fee.                                                        


Usually, if you are in Amsterdam on a company relocation assignment, your company will set us arrangements for you. Some international companies even maintain a long-term housing property for employees assigned in certain cities where they have operations. Check with your HR or relocations manager to find out if you're on this type of package with your current employer.You may also have to pay additional maintenance fees for the apartment complex.

When renting a property, usually a two- to three-month security deposit is required. This will be refunded when you leave, minus the cost of any damages incurred. The property agent will make a thorough inspection and make an inventory when you enter the property. Agents generally charge one month’s rent as their fee. Be aware that furnished apartments are treated under tenancy laws similarly to hotels; you can be evicted on short notice. Unfurnished Apartments provide you with the full protection of the law, which can be quite favourable to tenants. For example, you are entitled to deduct rent or to claim repair costs if the temperature cannot be maintained at 20°C (68°F) in the winter.

Some of the fees for renting an apartment are as follows:

  • Stamp duty
  • Registration charges
  • Realtor’s fees
  • Solicitor’s/Lawyer’s fees (if required)


There are many types of housing available in Amsterdam. If you would like to set-up some viewings with an agent, be sure to see all types of housing you can get. Agents usually have the impression that expats only prefer lavish apartments, and modern condos, but if you would like to see more, be specific with you agent and make sure that you see everything the country has to offer. Make sure that your agent is also aware of your budget when booking for property viewings.



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