Emergency Numbers in Norway



Things can happen beyond anyone’s control and for this reason; any expatriate should always be prepared by keeping emergency telephone numbers in handy.

For fire emergencies, one may dial 110. For those who like sailing, 120 may be dialed for any troubles needing immediate help at sea. For police and ambulance, one may call 112 and 113 respectively. A number for general emergencies is 911. All of these numbers above are accessible via mobile phone or public phone booths and could be reached free of charge.

When calling for help, one must keep his focus on the situation to be able to clearly relay the necessary information to the operator. Another thing that can greatly help during emergency situations is having emergency numbers in an easily accessible area. In the house, for example, it is important to have these numbers written on a clean sheet of paper that is posted on the directory or any surface near the telephone. One one's mobile phone, these phone numbers must also be saved.

Aside from these numbers, the Norwegian phone directory will also have other hotlines that one may call for emergency help. It is the responsibility of every expat to seek these numbers out, especially those which are for specific types of emergencies such as poisoning or child abuse.

The time it takes to look for these numbers when they are needed can be crucial. Hence, it is best to have them where they are always ready for everyone to see.



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