Having a Baby in Norway



In Norway, every person enlisted with the Norwegian National Population Registry is immediately covered for free basic and specialized treatment. This means having a baby in Norway is often a comfortable experience for expat women, especially those who have additional coverage as provided by international health insurance in Norway.

However, when consulting an obstetrician-gynecologist, a consultation fee will have to be paid. But apart from this, all scans, tests, and other maternity-related procedures will be offered free. While walk-in visits are allowed, being late for an appointment is not tolerated. The pregnant woman will not only lose her chance of seeing the doctor. She will also still have to pay this consultation fee. Other women see midwives who will do the same monitoring processes through a pregnancy as doctors would, except that midwives are more tactile in their approach.

Norway is considered a first-world country. Hence, there is no question about the high quality of maternity services that public and private hospitals offer. The only drawback with public health facilities is the long waiting lines that partly account for one of the reasons why most women prefer to take out private health insurance in Norway.

Dual citizenship is not recognized in Norway, but in rare circumstances, it may be. However, at least one parent of the child must be Norwegian in order for this to be possible.



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