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Oman is a Muslim country that is located in the southeastern part of the Arabian Peninsula. It is a favorite destination for spiritual enthusiasts and adventure-seekers.

Some of the must-see views of Oman are located in its capital of Muscat. Travelers who are searching for new adventures can enjoy the AlKafah Spring and the Bandar Khayran Reserve while those who are more athletic can hike the highest peak in the Arabian Peninsula which is the Jabal Shams. Avid shoppers can also take home some amazing pieces from Oman through the Muttrah Souk, the city’s infamous market. It is a place for expats who are seeking for adventures and opportunities.

With a population of 3.9 million people, Oman takes pride in its strong international relations. Oman is registered as a member of the Arab League and the United Nations creating a safe and secure foreign agreement when it comes to expats and tourists frequenting the country. Foreigners need not worry about being lost in translation since most street signs are in both English and Arabic.

The country’s GDP is 79.66 billion USD as of 2013. This also creates an impact on its employment rate of 65%. Like most nations, Oman is home to many expats who make up 39% of the population. Both locals and expats are attracted by Oman’s major job industries like oil and gas production, and construction of cement, copper, steel, chemicals, and optic fibers.

With an average salary of 1,571 OMR, expats can get inexpensive accommodations in Oman. A monthly rent for 3 bedrooms  can range from 5441.53 - 1415.64 while a monthly rent for 1 bedroom in flat share (with attached bathroom) can range from 445 - 98.61.

Expats can also open a bank account in Oman. They just have to submit their passport, plus copies of information and visa pages, account opening form, Know Your Customer (KYC) Form, Signature Specimen (SS) Card, a copy of tenancy or lease agreement, recent bank statements and a letter of reference from their original banks. Although there are different types of visas given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expats can only obtain a working or employment visa if they already have an Omani employer willing to sponsor them.

Working in Oman as expats may tend to be lonely at times because of the lack of familial support and a sense of being a stranger but different activities are also available. Expats can find entertainments such as nightclubs and desert parties. Expats can also opt to dine out with wine and dessert that costs 46 OMR.



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