Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Paraguay

Expats in Paraguay who travel frequently must have multi trip travel insurance. Insurance with multi trip protection - the most cost effective and efficient way of ensuring that you and your valuables are protected in foreign countries. With multi trip travel insurance, annual cover means you do not need to sort out the details with every trip - with one payment per year; you are covered for all your trips - on business or holiday.


International Medical Group offers a whole range of multi-trip travel insurance policies for expats in Paraguay and worldwide. IMG is popular for coverage that defies all potential barriers to international coverage, such as currency, time, culture, and language. The company is also consistently available 24 hours a day, in keeping with its promise of providing global peace of mind to clients.

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Expatriates in Paraguay understand that they have travel requirements that they can only meet with the right insurance policy. Atlas Professional, a type of multi-trip insurance provided by MultiNational Underwriters, is the ideal option for these global travelers. MNU is a full-service company that offers a whole range of benefits created particularly for international residents.

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