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In the Philippines, children may enter into preschool as young as the age of three years old, beginning with nursery school and then kindergarten. Following this, when they are six, they are required to be entered into elementary school where they must complete six years, and then high school which is four years in duration. The stated objective of the government run public school system by the newly renamed Department of Education of the Philippines according to a 2001 law, is to grow Filipino children and youth with knowledge, values and skills in order to be self reliant, caring, productive and patriotic residents of the Philippines.


The amount of money that was spent by the government on Education per each student in the Philippines in the year 2005 has been calculated at $138 US. In 2009, the Filipino Department of Education secured a grant for the sum of 86 million American dollars from the United States Agency for International Development, with a view to improving the quality of education for the Muslim minority inhabited regions of Mindanao island in the Philippines. Primary school children learn subjects including Filipino, English, Social Studies, Livelihood Education, Values, Science and Maths.

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