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Pet Relocation in Poland

Pet relocation in Poland should not be a dilemma for expats moving into the country with their pets, as Poland is part of the EU Pet Travel Scheme. This system allows entry to cats, ferrets and dogs from countries covered by the scheme without quarantine. However, such animals must conform to certain hygiene requirements, like blood sampling, anti-rabies and anti-worm/anti-tick. Animals imported into Poland should also be fitted with a microchip, blood tested and vaccinated against rabies. Foreign nationals who own dogs should take note that the Polish government requires a license to keep a dog as a pet.Relocation can be a very sensitive matter for your pets. Finding Pet Relocation in Poland is, in fact, something you need to give due attention. There are many things to be arranged such as paperwork for your pet's entry into a new state or country and carrying out the vet's last minute instructions before the shipment. If you have questions, Pet Relocation in Poland specialists are here to guide you through the process.

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DOR-CEL Sp. z o.o. Warsaw

Ul. Wira┼╝owa 35
02-158 Warszawa

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Move One Relocations (WAW) Warsaw

Aleje Jerozolimskie 65/79 00-697
Warsaw, Poland

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AirTrans H. Watola Sp. J. Pyrzowice

90/107 Wolnosci Street, 42-625 Pyrzowice

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