Basics of working in Doha



Ideally, you would already have secured a job before arriving in Doha. However, it is still possible to look for a job while visiting as a tourist. To obtain a work permit, you will need a local sponsor. There are equal employment opportunities for women, and there is a high demand for people in the teaching (especially English language teaching) and medical professions. Those who are fluent in Arabic and English can also find work as translators and interpreters.

To look for a job, you can try online job search sites for the Gulf region, company websites, job classifieds in online newspapers and industry specific job websites. You can also try going to recruitment firms and headhunters. Unfortunately, there is no public bureau that specialises in helping foreigners look for jobs.

The English newspapers that have job classifieds are:

Holidays and Day-offs

Office hours are usually from 9am to 6pm and there are no daylight savings in summer. During the month of Ramadan, the working day for Muslim staff is reduced to six hours who fast during daylight hours. Friday is a day of rest, and if your company has a five-day work week, the other day off will usually be either Thursday or Saturday. For international companies, it would usually be Saturday. The Labor Law also stipulates that all employees are entitled to one day off per week, at least 14 days of annual leave, paid public holidays and sickness pay.

Public Holidays:

Islamic New Year

A day in December/January

Independence Day

September 3

End of Ramadan

4 days in September/October

Feast of the Sacrifice

A day in November/December

National Day

December 18

Please note that some dates differ from year to year because the dates are calculated according to the Islamic calendar.