Essential employment paperwork in Doha



In order to work in Qatar, you will need to get a sponsor (usually your employer) who acts as your guarantor. Your sponsor will take care of all the paperwork of applying for a work and residence visa, opening a bank account and the signing of the tenancy agreement for your accommodation.

All expats will also be required to go through a medical examination before they are issued a work residence visa. This is a general health check to look for infectious diseases, HIV and AIDS.

Your employer will be in charge of the paperwork required to obtain an employment visa. People who want to apply for a business visa will need to be sponsored by a business partner or associate. This person should be someone of good repute and has experience in the relevant field.

Business visas are valid for two weeks.

Corporate income tax is levied on a progressive scale on any income in excess of QR 100,001. The rate is from 10% up to a maximum of 35% on income in excess of QR 5 million. There are some tax deductions for interest payments, salaries, rentals, depreciation etc. There is no tax levied on personal income in Qatar – fantastic!