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Doha serves not just the capital of Qatar, but also it’s most populous and thriving city. Many expats who relocate here find themselves surrounded by abundant opportunities that’ll help improve their financial status. However, what most people forget as their earnings grow is the importance of getting insurance. That is a kind of precautionary measure which you shouldn’t take for granted because aside from its many benefits such as health protection, it can also strongly shield your finances from any potential risks. It is necessary that you equip yourself with knowledge on how you can get and use insurance while you are in Doha. Here are a few but helpful tips for you.

Getting Insurance

Doha is the centre of the country’s economy and also the headquarters of most of the largest financial institutions in the Middle East, including insurance companies. Your policy provider plays a major role in securing your life, health and finances so you must ensure that it is a trusted one. Expats in Doha should choose a company that is accredited by the Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority (QFCRA). It is also the same government sector that can assist you if you have any complaints or concerns regarding your insurance provider.

Before getting health insurance from a private broker, you should call first your employer to ask if you have medical coverage from them. If you are part of a work relocation programme, then there's a high possibility that you also have one. You could also get other kinds of insurance products for your dependents or properties from the international and local companies in Doha. Expats can choose between a multinational provider such as Clements Worldwide who offers life or health insurance and Doha Insurance which is the city’s leading life and non-life insurer.

Researching for the most suitable provider can start by having conversation with your new colleagues or HR department. 


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Importance of Insurance

Your health should be one of your top priorities when moving abroad. Though there are no mandatory vaccinations needed for expats entering Doha, it is still best that you maintain all your vaccines up to date.

Local Insurance in Doha

Doha is the home of the country’s five insurance tycoons or collectively known as ‘The Big Five’. These national companies are dominating Qatar’s insurance industry and continue to be the driving force behind the sector’s rapid growth. All brokers in the city and across the country are in a total of 31 companies that are all under the regulation of the Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority or QFCRA.

Vehicle insurance is compulsory in Doha and across the whole country. All policy providers should offer the Unified Motor Policy which is inclusive of both the full comprehensive insurance plan and third party liability. However, drivers are not part of the coverage, so it's also suggested that you seek other types of auto insurance that’ll cover you, your family and passengers.

The city is part of the national Social Medical Insurance Scheme but only covers locals or Qataris. This makes your employer liable for providing you with the basic medical coverage while you are working in Doha. But as we discussed earlier, company or work-based health insurance may or may not include your dependents. One of the option for expats in Doha is to explore international insurance as an add on or a stand alone. I can cover you and your family with fewer limitations and have the advantage of portability between employers and work location.


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