Pet Import Regulations in Doha



Doha might not be a very suitable place for pets for several reasons. Mainly because the weather can be too extreme for domestic animals, and it is never good to just keep them indoors with air conditioning. Another reason is that the local culture is Islamic, and their culture believe that dogs are filthy creatures and do not wish to be around them. Walking your dogs might be a difficult task in public places. There's also the matter of accommodation. It is quite difficult to find a place where your pets would feel at home in Doha, as most accommodations would be high-rise condos or apartments. Consider your pet's living situation before you make the decision to have them move with you.

There are several pet relocation companies in Qatar who can help you in relocating your pet in and out of the country. The process of pet relocation to and from Qatar is pretty standard, you would need an import permit, vaccination certificates, health certificates, microchip implant, APHIS form 7001 issued within 10 days from your departure, and a copy of your passport to be presented with the rest of your certificates.

The process and finding the right airline that allows your pets to travel with you might be too much of a hassle with all the paperwork and research needed. It is strongly advisable to just hire a pet relocation specialist that will arrange transport as well as the papers your pet needs for relocation instead of you having to deal with it yourself.