Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Romania

Foreign nationals who visit Romania on a regular basis are advised to avail of a multi-trip travel insurance to cover them in the event of an accident or health emergency while enjoying the picturesque landscapes provided by Romania’s medieval towns. In 2004, the number of foreign visitors in Romania is said to have grown from 4.8 million to 6.6 million.


Offering multi-trip travel coverage to countless expats in Romania and beyond is a specialty of International Medical Group. On top of its high-value medical insurance products, IMG’s success is also propelled by its dedicated employees who have zealously served its expanding client base for more than two decades now.

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As an expat in Romania, there could be a few challenges that could only be handled best by an international insurance policy. For those who travel frequently during a year, multi-trip coverage is ideal as offered by Atlas Professional by MultiNational Underwriters. MNU is a leading insurance provider that serves around 3 million travelers yearly in over 130 countries across the continents.

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