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Sammarinese locals and foreign national residents of San Marino are entitled to free, comprehensive health care from public hospitals. All employees in San Marino are required to register with the Azienda Sanataria Locale health insurance fund, as well as the social security service. Their employers will do the contributions on their behalf through salary deductions. Upon registration, employees will be issued a health card and number, and dependent family members of the employee are also part of the coverage. Meanwhile, unemployed foreign nationals planning to immigrate in San Marino are required to have private health insurance before their residence permit can be issued. Expats residing in the country and doing their voluntary healthcare contributions for a period of two years are also entitled to free healthcare in San Marino. Residents who are self-employed have to pay the full healthcare contribution in order to qualify for coverage, while unemployed citizens, people on maternity leave or long-term sickness benefit and old-age pensioners are eligible to receive state-financed healthcare services even if they don’t have to pay healthcare contributions.

The state-funded healthcare system of San Marino covers most of the basic services, which includes hospitalization, treatment from specialists, prescriptions, as well as pregnancy and childbirth rehabilitation. Medical staff in public hospitals and health facilities is highly qualified, and as of 2004, there were approximately 251 physicians, 506 nurses, 52 pharmacists, 41 dentists, and 26 midwives per 100,000 people. However, there are a few certain treatments that cannot be conducted in San Marino, hence the need to seek the required medical attention outside of the country.

Aside from the public health system, private health cover is also present in San Marino. More often than not, citizens use private healthcare as a complement to the state coverage to be able to pick a doctor of their choice or to avoid such long queues. The fees of private healthcare are dependent on the level of coverage.

The country has one state hospital called San Marino Hospital. The type of rooms available for patients vary depending on their personal health insurance policy. Those who are insured by the state may have to share a room with two or three other patients, while privately insured ones get a single or double room.


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