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Running a school search in Serbia won’t be that much of a task as there are many good options for locals and foreigners alike. There are both public and private schools, although international schools such as Ecole Francaise de Belgrade, Gimnazija Ruđer Bošković and International Nursery School are more popular among expat families. To know more about one’s choices, consulting a school advisory will be a good move. School search may take a very long time when you aren't sure where to begin, let us show you where to go. Since the curriculum may differ around the world, they are at risk for being held back or not fully comprehending what the current curriculum states. Expatriate kids frequently have a lot more to deal with in school than non-expat kids. Make use of the school search ability to assist in finding the best fit school for your children with special focus on art design.

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Gimnazija Rudjer Boskovic Belgrade

Kneza Viseslava 17, Belgrade Serbia

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Prishtina High School Prishtina

Lagja Matiqanit, Prishtina, Kosovo, Serbia

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Bulevar Francuske revolucije bb., Sarajevo Bosnia & Herzegovina

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