Self-Employment in Serbia



The Serbian economic market has plenty of opportunities to offer for the budding expat-entrepreneur. In fact, a number of foreign firms have already taken advantage of the country's growing economy and set up offices.

The country's economy is focused mainly on services, which comprise about 63.8% of the country's GDP. Industries account for about 23.5% while agriculture makes up 12.7% of the GDP.

After its economic liberalization that started in the year 2000, Serbia became the host of a considerable number of foreign direct investments. Companies like US Steel, LaFarge, and Golden Lady which deals with various industries have set up shop in the country.

Big food and beverage names like Nestle, Carlsberg, and Coca-Cola also have factories in Serbia, not to mention the fact that IT giants Microsoft and Siemens have already found this European expat destination.

You can also have your own commercial establishments on Serbian streets. The process starts with the notarization of your company's official documents like the memorandum of association and the lease contract.

You would then have to open a temporary bank account and pay a founding deposit. You would also have to open a permanent one once all the necessary documentation like tax certificates, employment contracts, health fund certificates and more have been acquired and submitted to the proper authorities.

It would be advisable as well to work with a lawyer or a Serbian partner who knows the process extensively to ensure you don't run into any hassle in putting up your own piece of corporate heaven in Serbia.