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Singapore has very strict laws on shipping. As with any other country, anyone who wishes to ship goods into Singapore after moving there, must first check the prevailing laws regarding banned and/or restricted materials.

Such items may include weapons and ammunitions, drugs, pornographic materials, and wildlife. Other controlled items include film and telecommunications equipment, certain plant species and food items such as meat products and chewing gum.

Also included are literature of subversive inclinations, erotica, and other publications that may be deemed as vulgar and immoral on social, religious, and racial grounds. Popular magazines such as Penthouse, Playboy, and even Cosmopolitan are some examples of literature deemed inappropriate in Singapore.

Take note of the required documents when shipping goods into the country. For household items, you will need your passport, a detailed list of items in English, and the Original Bill of Lading.

When shipping motor vehicles, the duty rate is about 20% of the vehicle's value. You also need to provide the authorities with your vehicle's commercial invoice or Bill of Lading, freight and insurance papers, vehicle data card, registration and/or de-registration documents, manufacturer's letter confirming the vehicle's manufacture date, other documents relating to emission and windscreen tests and other bills and receipts.

Always check for new rules and regulations when shipping goods into Singapore or opt for overseas shipping.



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