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US expat tax in Singapore should be handled efficiently by a US expat tax professional, or costly penalties could await an expat who does not file income taxes to the US, or files them wrongly .Singapore is one of the countries with which the US has existing tax treaties, where the Singaporean government is bound to cooperate with the US’ Internal Revenue Service in tracking down negligent US expat taxpayers.The United States government has been getting progressively more stringent of late regarding making sure US citizens are paying their taxes punctually. If you are worried about not completing your daycare or childcare costs promptly or if you are perplexed on how to file Iowa tax documents from overseas you can ask our our tax US citizens partners and get the solutions to all your queries.

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Want to have your US expat taxes done right, without the hassle? Greenback Expat Tax Services has the answer.

After years of living abroad, we have seen all sorts of issues concerning our expatriate tax returns. We attempted to do our own expat taxes, but ended up lost and confused; US tax code is long and complex - now seven times as long as the bible! Our accountants back home didn’t have the understanding of expat taxes, leaving room for costly mistakes, and tax software was simply out of the question. When we tried using one of the big 4 accounting firms, the costs were astronomical; we knew we could not afford to use them in the future.

So, we created the solution.


"I cannot express enough how pleased I have been with the services in every respect. I am recommending Greenback to my colleagues." Customer from France

"There is no question that I will use Greenback next year. I won't dread doing my taxes from now on." Customer from France

"Really appreciated how technically savvy the company is and yet was impressed also by how personal the service was - good balancing act! The flat rate was the reason I choose Greenback, but the service and ease of interaction is the reason I would stay." Customer from the United Kingdom

Greenback Expat Tax Services combines the lessons of two expatriates living abroad with years of expatriate tax return experience.

Our team of CPA’s and EA’s are highly qualified, friendly and able to tackle both simple and complex tax issues; we’ve seen everything! Even if you are years behind, we’ll be happy to get you back in compliance with the IRS to avoid costly penalties and interest.

We use the most secure data transmitting software available - the same that international banks use - to ensure your personal information is safe, meaning you can have peace of mind, all the time. Our preparation process is accurate, proven and hassle free. We don’t make you do calculations or fill out endless forms. That’s what we’re here for! Further, our service is provided at a flat fee, no exceptions or surprise fees - guaranteed!

Ask one of our hundreds of satisfied customers about our services. Be sure to visit our website for your free guide to US tax preparation. Let’s get started today!

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