International School Advisory in Spain

With 14% of foreigners in its country, Spain had no choice but to develop a strong network of international schools. Thanks to that effort, expatriate parents will be able to find good international schools for their children. But because any help is always welcomed in a new country, they should use an international school advisory in Spain.

Moving to Spain or any other global destination is far from easy, particularly with kids in tow. School Choice International assists expat families by way of school placement services. SCI is composed of professionals whose educational and practical credentials are unmatched, including educators whose qualifications focus on providing for the unique educational needs of special children.

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Schools in Spain are great in number and so are the variations in terms of accreditation level, faculty members' qualifications and overall reputation. Providing assistance to expat families as they try to pick the best option is the Good Schools Guide International. What sets GSGI apart is that expats themselves are providing advice, with the help of other parents and the professional inputs of local educators.

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