Allergies in Barcelona



Allergies are not prevalent in Barcelona. It would rate average compared to other European cities. Most allergies in Barcelona are caused by seasonal changes.

In the late 1980s, there was an outbreak of asthma in Barcelona due to soybean hull allergens released in the air from a ship cargo. This situation has been remedied already and the local government monitors the air purity of the city regularly.

The four main allergy types: pollen, mold dust mite and animal.

Pollen levels are monitored on a regular basis in Barcelona. Dialing 010 will connect the caller to the Barcelona Civic Center where such information can be gathered. Sunny windy days are when pollen levels are most likely to grow.

Unlike pollen, monitoring mold level is difficult, as molds require specific environments to grow. Avoiding dark and humid places minimize exposure to mold causing allergies.

Dust mites are microscopic organism that lives in dust found in all dwellings and workplaces. Wearing a face mask designed for allergies will filter out these allergens.

Proteins found in animal hair cause allergic reactions to some people. Checking with the landlord or previous owner of the premises whether animals lived in the premises before would avoid such allergies.

Most restaurants in Barcelona are also aware of food allergies. Check with the waiter or manager regarding a listing of all their items and possible allergens.

If one has allergies, knowing the factors that cause it would help in avoiding such situations. Carrying a face mask as well as antihistamines would greatly help out if there is such an outbreak. Another vital precaution is securing an international health insurance in Barcelona for medical emergencies, which is likely to be caused by allergies.