Basics of working in Barcelona



It is recommended that you secure a job with a company in Barcelona before relocating. It is generally difficult to land a job when you’re looking for a job on a tourist visa.

Unless you’re the citizen of an EU state, you will need to obtain an employment visa or work permit before you can start work. Most employers will take care of your work permits, so you simply have to make sure that you have all the documents you need for the application.

Job Search

You could try looking for a job online at the following websites:

An English publication that has job classifieds is:


Corporate income tax is levied at 35% of net income.Individual income tax is levied at a progressive rate from 15% to 45%.

The table below shows the tax rates:

Taxable income

Tax rate

€0 – €4,161


€4,162 – €14,357


€14,358 – €26,842


€26,843 – €46,818


€46,819 and over


Holidays and Day-offs

Public Holidays:

New Year’s Day

January 1


January 6

Good Friday

A day in March/April

Easter Monday

A day in March/April

Labor Day

May 1

St John’s Day

June 24


August 15

Catalonia National Day

September 11

La Mercè Day

September 24

Columbus Day

October 12

All Saints Day

November 1

Constitution Day

December 6

Day of the Immaculate Conception

December 8

Christmas Day

December 25

Boxing Day

December 26

Employment Visa

If you are a citizen of any of the EU states, you already have the right to employment and residency in Spain. If you aren’t, to apply for an employment visa, you will need to have a sponsor. This is usually your employer. The company’s Human Resource department should be able to assist and advise you on your application.

You need to apply for your visa before arriving in Spain as visas are not issued in Spain. Go to your nearest Spanish embassy or consulate to apply for your visa.

To apply for a business visa, you will need to submit the following:

  • A passport that’s valid for at least six months
  • Completed visa application forms
  • One recent passport size photo
  • A copy of your flight itinerary or travel ticket to Spain
  • Letter from your company (on company letterhead and signed by someone other than you) addressed to the Spanish Embassy
  • Sponsor’s letter from associated companies or other references in Spain