Culture Shock in Spain



Part of moving to Spain is getting along with Spaniards and this should not be hard to do. They are generally warm and affectionate people.

In fact, they can be touchy in a physical way, but an expat in Spain must not attempt to pat a local on the back unless he makes a similar friendly gesture first.

Do not be surprised to have a colleague or boss coming late to an appointment. Spaniards rarely get pressured by time, although they would appreciate not having to wait for anyone, especially foreigners. They also put a prime on personal appearance and believe a person who treats himself well will treat others well, too.

Because of their casual and carefree nature, they may butt in while somebody is speaking. This is not considered offensive and an expatriate in Spain usually learns to deal with it easily as a Spaniard can be very charismatic.

They are also fond of inviting people to their celebrations including baptisms, weddings and even funerals. Families may throw a banquet for friends and family after a funeral. For Spaniards, parties can be more than the occasion being celebrated. Rather, they are a way of celebrating their relationships with friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and the like. However, when invited, it is considered polite not to eat until the host begins eating and to remain standing until one is guided to a seat. Spaniards are also particular about food and will rather accept a polite refusal rather than see unfinished food on a plate.

The country is truly one of the most majestic destinations in the world and judging by the number of expats living in Spain, life must really be one majestic experience.