Emergency Numbers in Spain



Emergencies are the last thing people want to deal with, but keeping emergency numbers in handy is a must, especially for expats.

Spain's general emergency hotline is 112, but there are other numbers to call for specific types of emergencies. For example, to report a crime to the police, the number to dial is 902 102 112 or just 092.

When crimes have to be reported in person, one may call first the National Police at 091, the Local Police at 092 or the Civil Guard at 062. In case of fire, one may call 112, 080 or 085.

For road accidents, you may call 900 123 505 and for medical cases, the number to call is 112 or 061. For violence committed against women, one may call 112 or, to report a case, 900 100 009 weekdays from 9am to 9pm. Airport emergencies such as left luggage may be handled by calling 971 809 277 and for ferry emergencies, one may call 971 809 777.

Sometimes, there will be English speakers who can take emergency calls and sometimes, there will only be Spanish-speaking attendants. Expats who don't know a word in the local language will do best having a native or somebody who knows the local tongue call any of these numbers when needed. If this is not possible, operators will still send people over as location of the caller can be tracked.



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