Having a Baby in Spain



Spain boasts of some of the best doctors in Europe including obstetricians. Expats planning to have a baby in this country need not worry about obtaining quality maternal care because this is something they can get from any private or public hospital.

In Spain, a pregnant woman will be asked to undergo tests and examinations that may be more than what is considered normal in other parts of the world. Upon confirmation of pregnancy, she has to find a doctor she can be comfortable with, especially as prenatal appointments will be more frequent than many other countries offer. Some Spanish doctors will have midwives conducting routine prenatal care for their patients while others attend to the patients themselves. When birth is at hand, it is best for expats to go to the hospital with a Spanish speaker as there could be standard operating procedures for which consent will not be asked.

Expats have the option to go to a public or private hospital and use public or private health insurance in Spain. It is important to note that EU citizens with EHIC cards are not covered for births. Costs will vary between public and private hospitals but will generally be affordable. Women taking out international health insurance need to have purchased the plan at least ten months prior to the pregnancy before birth will be covered.

Expats are required to register their babies at the nearest Civil Register Office within 8 days from birth or within thirty days as long as the reason for delay is valid. However, citizenship is acquired by blood relations; hence, dual citizenship by virtue of birth does not apply to babies born to expats in Spain.