Health Risks in Barcelona



There are no health risks associated with travel to or living in Spain or Barcelona. No vaccination certificates are required for entry.

In 2006, Bird Flu was detected in Spain although there is little risk to travelers.

There are medical programs and agencies that constantly update information and controls epidemics such as AIDS, Tuberculosis, meningitis, hepatitis, and other infectious diseases in the city. These pose no serious health risks or exposure to the health conscious worker.

Barcelona has a Public Health Laboratory that regularly analyzes sand and soil samples from children's playgrounds, the beaches, and the water from swimming pools for safety. These are also done on food from central markets, food production lines and food retailers.

About 10% of the population carries private health insurance. The public healthcare system is considered excellent providing free medical coverage. The emergency hotline for medical emergencies is 061.

Some organizations, especially student orgs, provide a health and safety code of conduct in accordance with specific laws and site specific problems inherent to Spain and Catalonia. It would be advisable to look into these for a healthy stay in Barcelona.