Emergency Numbers in Sri Lanka



Once you are aware of the health risks in Sri Lanka, have yourself immunized with the recommended vaccines, and have taken the necessary preventive measures to avoid contracting serious and fatal illnesses, there seems to be nothing else to worry about.

Well, there really is nothing much left to worry about, until you encounter an emergency situation.

Medical emergencies are usually the hardest to deal with, and unfortunately, it's the kind of emergency that most individuals find themselves in.

The first thing to keep in mind is to stay calm. If you are the one attending to a friend in a medical emergency, assure him that you will get help as fast as you can. You may then get in touch with the paramedics and get an ambulance to take you to the nearest hospital.

You may call the Fire and Ambulance department at 011-2422222, or you can get in touch with Accident Service General Hospital at 011-2691111. To get an ambulance in the city of Colombo, you simply have to dial 110.

Knowing the number of the nearest hospital to your place of work and residence would also help on these situations.

Other numbers you may want to have handy in time of medical emergencies are that of the Red Cross; 011-2672727, and the St. John Ambulance Services; 011-2437744.

If you find yourself in a situation that threatens your safety, you may get in touch with the police department by dialing 119 or calling the Police Emergency Number, 011-2433333.

Having a list of these numbers conveniently placed in your wallet, your car, or anywhere that's easily accessible to you at anytime would definitely prove helpful in emergency situations.



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