Having a Baby in Sri Lanka



The experience of motherhood is definitely life-changing. It’s a journey that takes a woman and her partner from one level to another.

But expatriating to another country, in the case of Sri Lanka especially, and going through the journey towards motherhood, makes the adventure and the risks that go along with it even greater. Having international health insurance in Sri Lanka as part of your ‘comfort package' would definitely help.

One would be glad to know that Sri Lanka has had a long history of improvement in the area of reproductive health.

The Family Health Bureau of Sri Lanka is the government arm responsible for policy making, planning, and monitoring of reproductive health services while its provincial ministries handle implementation. A medical officer is then designated to handle Maternal and Child health for each region.

Health services for women and children in this area of health care are provided by different health personnel, but mainly by the Public Health Nursing Sister, Public Health Inspectors, and Public Health Midwives.

They provide prenatal, natal, and postnatal care to the mothers. At the same time, they also provide newborn care, immunizations, and facilitate other health programs or activities for infants and children.

Maternity care is provided through different health care institutions that are able to give both inpatient and outpatient services.

Antenatal care and uncomplicated deliveries can be done in rural centers, however if the need for more advanced technology and more complex treatment should arise, then one may visit a hospital in the country's major cities.

For those who would like the comfort of more spacious accommodations, or would be in need of specialist care during their pregnancy or delivery, you may check with your provider for private health insurance in Sri Lanka which hospitals have the best facilities and services based on your needs.



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