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But what you may not know is that is it also likely due to the fact that they have one of the best healthcare systems in the world to support them; the same healthcare system you can benefit from as an expat and legal resident in Stockholm.

The Public Healthcare System

The Swedish capital of Stockholm has one of the top ranking healthcare systems in the world. The entire population has equal, easy access to quality, government-funded healthcare.

Management of the system is primarily the responsibility of the county councils or municipalities. These councils, as mandated by law, must provide their own residents with top-notch healthcare services and medical care.

The central government's role on the other hand is to set the foundation for healthcare principles and guidelines.

Funding for healthcare comes from taxes levied by the respective county councils and municipalities. About 71% of this comes from local income taxes collected by the respective local governments.

A patient usually pays only a small amount in terms of medical expenses as the state covers almost 98% of what is spent by the city's legal residents.

Public health insurance in Sweden is universal, compulsory, and is accessible to all the city's legal residents. EU and EEA citizens are automatically covered by the system. Make sure though to always have your European Health Card issued to you by your respective government if you wish to avail of medical services.

Non-EU/EEA residents are normally not covered by the system unless your home country has a bilateral agreement with Sweden. However, once you have become a legal resident of Sweden, with a designatedpersonnummer you enjoy the same benefits from the public healthcare system.

Most expatriates still opt to purchase private or international health care insurance to ensure that they are 100% covered. Though only about 3% of the Swedish population signs up for private health insurance, this may be a good back up for any expatriate.

Expat Must-Knows on Healthcare

Stockholm's core of community healthcare is the health centers or Vårdcentralen. All municipalities have their own health center where you can get primary healthcare that includes consultations with general practitioners.

You can check this website: to find the nearest health centre to you in Stockholm or dial the 24-hour non emergency health care information hotline, 1177.

Patients may have to pay a minimal amount for consultations themselves, a payment between SEK 100 and SEK 150 (USD 12.49 and USD 18.73) in this case.

Dental care is fully subsidized by the government for individuals under 20 years old. Otherwise, the patient pays for this and the state reimburses between 10 and 15% of the total cost.

Pharmacies are normally open on weekdays from 10a.m to 6p.m and on weekends from 10a.m to 2p.m. Major cities like Stockholm normally have pharmacies that are open 24 hours. Medicines other than the likes of aspirin require a prescription.

For emergency medical services, dial 112. This number also applies to other emergency situations that require police or fire services assistance.

The presence of quality healthcare in an expat destination is usually something that no expat can take for granted. However, if Stockholm is your chosen city, then you need not worry about access to good medical services.


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