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Overseas shipping can be expensive, which is why one has to do substantial research about what will be needed in a new country.

Necessities, even luxuries in life are easy to find in Sweden. Luxury stores and boutiques abound in major cities like Stockholm. For most basic necessities there's no need to get services from pricey international removal companies. 

It is best to plan ahead for the move to be able to decide on the items to bring prior to relocating to Sweden. Accommodation in Sweden may be furnished or unfurnished depending on the agreed lease contract. Those who want to bring household goods to the country should be aware of the Swedish custom regulations. 

In order to get duty-free exemptions on household goods, the owner must be in Sweden for customs clearance. The goods must be in possession of the owner for at least one year, and the owner must be taking up residency in Sweden for at least one year. It is important to bring the receipts of those costly items as custom officials may ask for proof.   

Pack summer clothes and a few medium-weight sweaters, a light jacket or a raincoat. An overcoat is necessary in autumn. Swedes like fashion, but avoid standing out in crowds. It's best to leave those glitzy, flamboyant outfits and bring comfortable jeans instead. 

The standard electrical current is 220v/50hz. North American electrical appliances should have a proper transformer or converter. 

See the Swedish Authority (Tullverket) website for more information and updates on customs regulations.



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