Health Insurance in Sweden

Health insurance in Sweden is a must for all people entering the country, whether tourists or expats. The quality of medical services is superior, with world-class hospitals such as Halmstad Hospital, Vanberg Hospital and Kalix Hospital. But the financial security offered by health insurance is indispensable at a time when health care costs are high.

Bupa Global is one of the largest international health insurers in the world, offering direct access to some of the best facilities and medical professionals worldwide. Standard features include:

- Same level of cover, whether you are at home or away
- Direct access to specialists without referral from a family doctor
- Access to over 1.2 million private hospitals and clinics worldwide
- The freedom to choose where in the world you receive treatment (within your area of cover)

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As a specialist in expat health insurance, Aetna has over thirty years of experience in the field. Over 400,000 of their members are located around the world

- Choice of plans that offer a range of cover, from hospitalization to in- and outpatient care as well as maternity and dental

- Established Group offices around the world

- Direct claims system 

- Owned by a strong parent - Aetna Inc.

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Foyer Global Health is the expatriate specialist brand by Luxembourg’s leading insurance company Foyer Group. Our health plans are the result of decades of experience with customers from all over the world.
- Delivering first-class client service all over the world, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day
- No yearly maximum plan benefit applies to any of our plans.

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AXA PPP International Healthcare is offering their Health Insurance services to expats in Sweden and other parts of the world. AXA PPP is providing assistance in maintaining your health worldwide. AXA PPP's quality network makes sure that you receive treatments from the best healthcare providers in Sweden or other places around the world.

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