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Switzerland is where the world's highest paid professionals can be found. As much as everybody would like an opportunity to work there, not all will be lucky enough.


As a stable, highly prosperous nation, people living in Switzerland can enjoy its great wealth and rip the benefit of living in this wealthiest country in the world.


Getting a job in this country is a bit of a challenge, unless one is a United Nations employee or is sponsored directly by a Swiss employer. Otherwise, one has to possess extraordinary financial or IT skills, specifically SAP, Java and Oracle, which are the most sought after qualifications in the country today. Expats who fit into the mold can also expect to have high salaries and enjoy a comfortable standard of living in Switzerland.


The Swiss are very particular about time and are typically systematic when it comes to work.  To get along with local colleagues, expats working in Switzerland need to learn this as basic business etiquette. When they come to a meeting, they always know what to discuss, and they stick to the items on their agenda. The atmosphere can be formal even on an ordinary day in the office, and both men and women wear suits during meetings. The Swiss never mix their business and personal lives, but at the end of the day, a round of beer with friends can be a good way to relax. 


Companies in Switzerland may or may not implement a fixed schedule, but the typical maximum working hours amount is 50 per week. Actual number of hours an employee must render depends on the terms of the contract, although many companies have been imposing very flexible arrangements with their employees. The cost of living Switzerland is higher than the European average, but expats who found great opportunities in this country barely have a problem coping. After all, they are among the world's highest paid workers.

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