Healthcare in Zurich



The quality of healthcare in Zurich is excellent and highly reliable. Expats who are moving to this city will have easy access to great quality medical services as the facilities are efficient, well-equipped, and staff are highly skilled. 

There is no employer-financed or tax based healthcare in Zurich that’s why all individuals, even nationals, pay for their insurance. Every expat or Swiss spends around 10% of their incomes in health insurance premiums whereas each member of the family must have individual coverage. All insurance companies that service the canton of Zurich are offering the same health plans and are obliged by law to accept anyone who applies regardless if their age or if there are any pre-existing conditions. Take note that private health insurance is mandatory and prices of the premiums can be quite pricey whereas payments come straight out of the pocket of the policy holder/s. 

Doctors in Zurich 

Everyone in Zurich can usually are free to choose a family doctor (Doktor), but there are some who have limited choices because they under a cheaper or a basic policy. Doctor appointments should be made in advance, and the patient should notify the hospital at least 24 hours if there’s a need for cancellation. Expats must always bring their health insurance card when going to any medical facility to avoid any hassle or delays.

"Healthcare in Switzerland must be among the best in the world. Employers do not provide health care. Everyone must purchase his/her own policy. I have made use of a family doctor and an emergency room, and in both cases the care was outstanding – equal to or better than the U.S."- Douglas Brouwer, Expat in Zürich, Switzerland

Hospitals and Medical Services 

There are many public and private hospitals or centres in Zurich where a huge majority have excellent facilities. Krankenhaus (hospitals) in the city usually bears the ‘H’ logo on a blue background. Referral from a doctor is needed when going to a hospital unless it is an emergency that requires urgent attention. After a treatment or consultation, the patient will receive a bill which should be paid within a particular time frame and can be reimbursed by the insurance company. Three of the best hospitals found in Zurich are listed below: 

Steinwiesstrasse 75, 8032 Zurich 

Ramistrasse 100, 8006 Zurich 

Witellikerstrasse 40, 8032 Zurich 

Pharmacies or Apotheke 

Pharmacies in Zurich bear the green cross logo and are open from 8 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 6pm from Mondays to Fridays. Operating hours during Saturdays are only up until 5 pm but some pharmacies are open 24 hours a day. First time buyers in a particular pharmacy will be asked to pay a small one-off fee so that they can open a patient file which will contain all the records of their medication. Below is the list of some of the pharmacies in Zurich: 

  • Bellevue Apotheke (open 24 hours)

Theaterstrasse 14

Tel: 044 266 62 22 

  • Bahnhof Apotheke im Hauptbahnhof (open 24 hours)

Bahnhofplatz 15

Tel: 044 225 42 42 

  • Apotheke-Drogerie Bahnhof Enge

Tessinerplatz 12

Tel: 044 201 21 41 

  • Odeon Apotheke

Limmatquai 2

Tel: 044 252 59 59 

  • Apotheke Schaffhauserplatz

Seminarstr. 1

Tel: 044 361 61 61


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