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Serviced Apartments in Switzerland are convenient and portray a high individual standard of living throughout Switzerland. Expats find this option attractive and some stay longer in serviced apartments than initially expected due to its standard of furnishing and service.This page details the largest choice of serviced apartments when looking for Serviced Apartments in Switzerland. Serviced apartments choice offer a spacious, flexible and cost effective housing solution. For stays of a short period of time or a longer stay an Serviced Apartments in Switzerland is a good accommodation when traveling or settling in. A search for Serviced Apartments in Switzerland is often related to the search for flexible and furnished apartments.

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Hotel Dolder Waldhaus Serviced Apartments, Zurich

With a magnificent view of the city, Dolder Walhaus sits on top of a hill. This castle-like home exudes a wonderful feeling of royalty, luxury and comfort. Each room provides a complete home, well-furnished and full of sweet accommodations and amenities. Also, close by are Zurich's best attractions and hotspots.

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From CHF 220.00 per night
The Apartments Swiss Star

Swiss Star Apartments is widely-renowned as some of Zurich's finest serviced apartments. With branches all over the city, finding a suitable home has never been this easy and convenient. This particular Swiss Star home can be found in the Wiedikon area., adjacent to the Sihl Promenade and many more attractions.

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From USD 0.00 per night
California House

For those who are looking for the ideal Zurich home, look no further than California House. A cozy gem nestled in the very heart of historical Zurich, California House offers a high class, affordable home and more. Its innate beauty, fantastic services, and world-class facilities and amenities cement its reputation as one of Zurich’s finest serviced apartments.

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From CHF 0.00 per night
Residence du Grand Saconnex Serviced Apartments, Geneva

Geneva is a timeless city, oozing with fantastic delights, a rich culture, and charming locals. All of these and more can be experienced at the Residence du Grand Saconnex. The superb serviced apartment boasts of premium living accommodations and services that are truly marvelous and comfortable at the same time.

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From SGD 150.00 per night
Auberge Port Gitana Serviced Apartments, Geneva

Auberge Port Gitana can be found in the suburbs of Geneva, almost hidden from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. This is a haven for those seeking quiet nights and fantastic views and is perfect for comfortable and luxurious lifestyles, making this sweet place truly a one-of-a-kind home.

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From SGD 225.00 per night
Cité Verdaine Serviced Apartments, Geneva

Cite-Verdaine offers a genuine luxurious experience that cannot be found anywhere else. The combination of style and convenience is what makes this place stand out. Lovely accommodations are filled with elegant grace and modern amenities. It has close proximity to Geneva’s attractions, allowing it to become the perfect Swiss home.

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From CHF 170.00 per night
Aparthotel Adagio Serviced Apartments, Geneva

The grand Aparthotel Adagio Geneve Mont Blanc sits across the tranquil Lake Geneva and is home to fantastic accommodations, services and amenities. For a very affordable price, one may enjoy a piece of paradise here in this renowned aparthotel. Adding to its charm is its proximity to Geneva's finest hotspots.

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From USD 192.00 per night
Starling Residence Serviced Apartments, Geneva

Starling Residence Geneve is the perfect place to hold a new home. This Swiss city holds endless opportunities for luxury, leisure and recreation. The Starling Residence allows guests to fully savor the city's unique beauty, through its convenience to some of Geneva's finest bars, restaurants, pubs, and other exciting attractions.

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From CHF 250.00 per night
Swiss Luxury Serviced Apartments, Geneva

"Swiss Luxury Apartments certainly lives up to its name as one of Geneva's best residences. With several options to choose from, guests can have the best of Geneva’s distinct lifestyle. Adding to that deluxe experience is the wealth of locations around the apartment that can be explored and experienced easily. "

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From CHF 370.00 per night
Hôtel Central Serviced Apartments, Geneva

At Hotel Central Geneve, one can have a piece of heaven at their fingertips. The hotel is home to tons of exciting opportunities and options for a luxurious life, which is further enhanced by the services and amenities offered by Hotel Central Geneve. Easy access to Geneva's attractions is guaranteed.

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From CHF 120.00 per night
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