Allergies in Bangkok



Thailand is a tropical country and if you’re coming from a place with a cool climate, adjusting to the heat might be hard.

Prickly heat powder is very popular in Thailand as people tend to get rashes due to the extreme heat and humidity.

Thais also suffer from common allergies caused by environmental factors such as weather conditions and pollution. Hospitals in Bangkok are well equipped and very capable in treating these illnesses. Seasonal allergies such as hay fever are common and affect millions of people worldwide. The symptoms for these may sometimes be confused with common colds; however, it is advised that medical attention be sought when experiencing runny nose, difficulty in breathing and itchiness in the eyes and other parts of the body. Hospitals such as Bumrungrad International and Bangkok Hospital have Allergy Centers that focus on these types of diseases.

Possible Allergies

The pollution in Bangkok may trigger, if not worsen, one's asthma and allergic rhinitis. These diseases can sometimes be life-threatening. It is important to be given the right diagnosis and an accurate treatment plan. If you are already suffering from these before coming to Bangkok, make sure that your maintenance medicines are sufficient.

Food served in Bangkok is mostly spicy unless specific instructions to the chef or restaurateur were given beforehand. Ask the server about the ingredients first before ordering. You can also bring with you a food allergy card specifying the ingredients that shouldn't be included in your food. The waiters can bring this to the chef and he/she can suggest a particular meal that you can take.

If you suffer from any allergies, it is a must to visit the doctor to prevent emergency attacks. Before going to the doctor, you can first check with your private health insurance agents if charges for allergy treatments would be covered.