Choosing where to live in Bangkok



There is a wide range of choices for living accommodations in Bangkok – from apartments, condos, houses, mansions and of course, hotels. But the most expats in Bangkok prefer to rent an apartment for a long-term stay because they are more affordable. Typically, expats live in apartments that are between 150 and 300 square meters in size. The rents usually start at about 1,500 Baht a month for apartments with very basic amenities or as much as 20,000 Baht for a sweet spot. These apartments are usually centrally located, and the apartment complexes or condominiums will come with facilities such as a swimming pool and gym.



  • This neighbourhood is a must-visit. It has two areas that are perfect for visiting tourists and expats alike. The Khao San Road is popular while the PhraAthit Road is quite dynamic, attracting different types of tourists and expats because of its quaint restaurants and a number of bohemian bars. This neighbourhood is a favourite of backpackers to hang out in bars and clubs and find a lot of bargain items to shop. The neighbourhood is vibrant with flea market activities and comes alive at night with visitors and locals enjoying the club and bar specials.Even locals love to frequent this neighbourhood because of the restaurants that are just beside the river and the fact that it is far from the hustle and bustle of the central city.


  • Bangrak is the high-end neighbourhood located along the Chao Phraya River, making Bangkok known as the Venice of the East. This neighbourhood is also home to the elite hotels. The neighbourhood has a lot to offer in terms of fine dining and romantic getaways as well as various areas to unwind.

Chinatown or Yaowarat

  • This is by far Bangkok's most colourful and dynamic neighbourhood. It is just alive with commerce, shophouses and street-side activities. It also houses a lot of temples and is usually a venue for various festivals and activities. When in Chinatown, don't miss the action at the Yaowarat Road at night, the EianSae, the Trak Issanranuphap and the Guan Yin Shrine.


  • Ekamai is more of a residential area popular for its prime condominiums and a wide choice of restaurants offering a variety of cuisines. It is also littered with bars and nightclubs. This neighbourhood is perfect for parties. For shopping, visitors and locals go to the Gateway Mall, where more restaurants welcome everyone for gastronomic treats.


  • This neighbourhood is known to be the very heart of the city. It houses the most popular and upscale hotels like the Hotel Muse. It also is the location of the best restaurants in the city like Gaggan. Shoppers find this neighbourhood a shopper's paradise with a good number of shopping centres and boutiques.