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Bangkok is one of the most famous destinations for medical tourism, and that is mostly due to the high-quality facilities of their private medical centres and the relatively lower cost of services. The public healthcare system of Bangkok, however, can still use more improvements.

Types of insurance available

There are many insurance companies available in Thailand, namely the “Bangkok Insurance”,”Dhipaya Insurance”, and “Thai Health Insurance”. Expats have a distinct advantage in Bangkok; this is because health care is so inexpensive, about what it is in Western Countries. Keep in mind that utilising your health insurance in Bangkok for common illnesses can cause premiums to go up the next year. Nonetheless, expats should protect themselves by getting health insurance to protect themselves from poor and catastrophic health conditions. 

International private medical insurance

Bangkok is a relatively big city, with it comes many public hospitals where the level of care is on the level of “satisfactory”, there are also many private hospitals that provide higher classes of care. Most of the doctors and staff of these hospitals have received their degrees and education from Western countries, the cost of services in some of the private hospitals can be lower than the typical large costs in western countries, but it is always advisable to check the facility. First, this is because the prices for their services vary. With that being said, it is still advisable to acquire international health insurances in an event of accidents or unexpected emergencies.


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Cost of basic medical needs (dental, minor surgery, checkups)

Treatments in Bangkok; costs lower than that of European countries, and the US. But of course, not every condition is suitable to be treated in foreign countries, for it is not advisable for people with unstable conditions to travel a long distance. The “Bumrungrad Hospital” in Bangkok is one of the most known hospitals in Thailand; surgeries vary from the price range of 100,000 baht to 550,000 baht. Also, the basic dental services and treatments at Bangkok are quite affordable for natives and expats at a price range of 500 to 2000 baht, all of these expenses include a preliminary check-up, which sometimes may have a separate fee. 

Best hospitals

There are a few credible hospitals in Bangkok. They give quality care, service and treatment for their patients, one of them is the “BumrungradInternation Hospital” Which is located in the heart of Bangkok, it is one of the premier hospitals; it is a centre of excellence in medicine speciality, and a world leader in medical tourism. Another on is the “Bangkok Nursing Home Hospital”, Operating in International Standards, it is a modern 120-bed hospital. It has physicians in every field of medicine available on a 24-hour basis.

Emergency numbers

Emergency numbers are one of the most important elements of health care; it allows the quick and hasty access for accidents and crucial situations. Keep in mind that accidents and mishaps may occur at any given time, so both natives and tourists should have these important contacts. The ambulance and Rescue are 1554, for the Crime and Highway Police, the contacts are 1195 and 1193 respectively.



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