Visiting the Doctor in Bangkok



Bangkok has a relatively good and modern healthcare system. The hospitals are of world-class standards and often, the doctors have been trained and accredited in the West. One can expect that doctors in Bangkok are highly educated and can speak good English.

Among the top hospitals in Bangkok are Bumrungrad Hospital, Bangkok General Hospital and Samitivej Group of Hospitals. Doctor appointments can be made online as most of the hospitals have active and very efficient websites. Consultation fees can be approximated at 1000 Baht per appointment.

Medical Care

Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Company Limited is Thailand's largest medical network and hospital operator.

The Medical Association is the organisation of doctors in Thailand. At present, it has 4,500 members scattered all over the country.

Before you travel or move abroad, make sure that you and your family have international health insurance. Residents of Thailand are covered under a government-funded healthcare system but about 10% of the population has private medical coverage. There are many licensed companies that sell health insurance.

One can also get private health insurance in Bangkok. The market leader in Bangkok is Bupa Global; it has been in existence for 25 years. Another option is the American International Assurance or AIA (Thailand) Public Company Limited which is also one of the known insurance companies in Thailand.

It is important to note that health insurance providers can refuse to renew your plans depending on their evaluation and this is allowed by the Thai law. Unlike in most Western countries, plans are renewed automatically once premiums are paid.