Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Thailand

The mortality rate in Thailand is better than in most developing countries, with only 13 deaths per 1000 residents within the last year. Still, if you want to keep your health and safety as closely guarded as possible, you need to purchase travel insurance multi trip in Thailand before you arrive.Travel multi trip cover is a specific type of health insurance policy that could protect you throughout the course of many trips without forcing you to buy separate cover for them individually. Combining travel multi trip coverage will help you put aside a good amount of your money in comparison to purchasing each on its own, so contact our insurance specialist partners here to request a free quote on your chosen plan.


Allowing regular overseas travelers in Thailand to save on their policy premiums is International Medical Group through its multi-trip travel insurance plans. IMG’s policies are created specifically for the international lifestyle, providing a maximum limit of $1,000,000 and an individual deductible of $250 for every disease or medical condition covered.

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Overseas life has a lot of intricacies for which only specifically designed insurance can suffice. A well-renowned specialist in this type of coverage is MultiNational Underwriters, with its whole array of expat and international health insurance products. Atlas Professional, in particular, offers competitive advantages to Thailand's expats who prefer the one-time protection provided by a multi-trip plan.

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