Guide to Dental Care in Tunisia



Healthcare is an important concern for all individuals, but the bar of importance is raised significantly for expatriates.

Tooth extraction and tooth cleaning are just few of the routine dental practices one has at the very least on an annual basis. Make sure that you have coverage for this through your international health insurance provider in Tunisia.

Dental care in Tunisia is mostly provided by private dentists or practitioners. In fact, 72% of the country's dentists are part of the private sector.

For quite some time, oral and dental care was considered insignificant. However, with the country's rapid economic developments in the 1980s dental care in the country has seen some marked improvements.

Dentists in Tunisia undergo six years of study in the universities specializing in dentistry. The curriculum provides for a comprehensive study of the profession as well as one year of practice in public dental clinics.

After studying, dentists can choose to practice in the public hospitals or work with or set up private clinics. There are some who also pursue postgraduate studies on dentistry outside of Tunisia to improve their craft.

The country currently has about 600 dental technicians who prepare dentures, crowns, and bridges, and a total of about 1756 dentists. This provides a ratio of about one dentist to 5770 inhabitants.

The public health sector currently has 368 dentists under its wings and 321 dental facilities. However, more dental clinics are provided by dentists in private practice.

The cost of a visit to a dentist is about 25 TND (Tunisian Dinar) or 16.77 USD. Make sure to check with your private health insurance provider to see if these costs are covered.



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